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Takeshi Kaneshiro – a dream for the Japanese school girls or "simply stay silent and smile"

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Takeshi Kaneshiro – a dream for the Japanese school girls or «simply stay silent and smile»
Author: Администрация ФРПГ Храм Мудрости (FRPG Temple of Wisdom Administration) - translated by Mikomi, translation checked by ФРПГ

Takeshi Kaneshiro, or should we put it correct as Kaneshiro Takeshi, other name is Jin Cheng Wu (金城武), - is one of the most celebrated Asian actors who is shot in both China and Japan. He was born 11th of October, 1973 in Taipei (Taiwan), where he had to face certain problems concerning his half-Japanese roots.

Kaneshiro started his career as a singer and recorded albums in Cantonese and Mandarin under the nickname Aniki, which means “elder brother” in Japanese. Just because we do not have one strict point of view on the artistic value of Kaneshiro’s music creations, we would not reveal our subjunctive opinion concerning them, but to those of you who are still curious we may suggest you to search for some of his early musical exercises on YouTube.
What is beyond all doubts is his excellent acting ability. The first distinguishing role of Takeshi Kaneshiro in movies was the role of the quiet guy from Wong Kar-wai « Chungking Express» where Takeshi appeared to be at one shooting stage together with Tony Leung. Kaneshiro’s early roles are versatile and not all of the movies he took part in at the beginning of his career can be considered valuable events in the cinema world. Rather interesting film called «Mou mian bei» was shot by Sammo Hung. Takeshi played a young cop assigned to the position of Department Chief having excellent education. He was hanging quite awesomely in duet with Sammo Hung though at that time he could not reach the level of real star.

After that there was Kar-wai again giving him the role in his «Fallen Angels». That was the Hong Kong art-house flick filled with the special atmosphere resembling the Tarantino style, where Kaneshiro got the opportunity to show himself in a beautiful seriocomic role.
Kaneshiro plays in several movies a year and his roles appear to be alike. He works in America but the movie «Too Tired to Die» where his character is the Japanese student remaining only 24 hours until he leaves this world is worthy only with few cute shots and some irrelevantly small but good phrases, in all the rest this creation is better left to fans only. In China and Japan Takeshi Kaneshiro is always a romantic hero who is cool on one hand and charming on the other.
In 1998 he gets into the Japanese dorama «Kamisama mou sukoshi dake» (God, please, give me more time). That is the story of the girl (Kioko Fukada) with AIDS who is in love into a famous composer played by Kaneshiro. This role appears to be very strong and we recommend you to watch this dorama if you like tickling your nerves with the soul-tearing stories.

After «KamiSama mou sukoshi dake» Kaneshiro acts in two doramas more – «Love 2000» and «Golden Bоwl». The first pretends to be a soul-tearing love story but because of the serious mismatches with realuty it fails (Takeshi plays the role of the Russian spy Yurii Maroev), the second dorama is light and easy and is based on manga.
Still it is better to keep an eye on the movies where Takeshi Kaneshiro revealed his acting talent in all of its beauty. First there were romantic comedies «Lavander» and «Turn Left, Turn Right». Then in 2004 Kaneshiro becomes known to everyone who has not yet known of him thankfully to the Yimou Zhang «House of the Flying Daggers». That was one incredibly beautiful film. It was a duet with Ziyi Zhang full of stunts, visual effects and fights against Andy Lau. It took a lot for Takeshi Kaneshiro to play in that movie: while shooting the stunts when he was riding a horse in the forest Takeshi Kaneshiro broke his leg, maybe some of the viewers noticed that in some of the scenes the actor is dressed and sits in the way to hide plaster dressing. For instance you can see that in the scene of Syan Mei dance in the «Peony Pavilion».

2005 is the year for the Chinese musical «Perhaps love» where the crowd of Indian dancers took part and there was also the voice of Jackie Chan followed by the beautiful music and great scenes, there was also Takeshi Kaneshiro who unfortunately sang there too. The talented person cannot be talented in everything and if you can let go with his singing then this role was rather great. The turning point of his career as an actor happened when film-makers suddenly realised that this cute young man got older. From that moment there were roles where love lines are not more than backgrounds of the story and the plot itself is concentrated on more interesting ideas. «Confession of pain» co-starring with Tony Leung – two characters who cannot but touch viewer with the depth of emotions. «Warlords» with Andy Lau and Jet Li – unexpected step for Peter Chan and once more – the outstanding acting from Takeshi Kaneshiro. John Woo’s «Red Cliff» where Kaneshiro acts the legendary Zhuge Liang and once more meets Tony Leung on the stage.
The Japanese movies of the same time – «К-20» and «Sweet Rain –Shinigami No Seido». The first one appeared to be interesting to see and the second - touching, but the Chinese works are indeed more convincing.

In 2011 the «Wu Xia» by Peter Chan is released. Kaneshiro is in the role which is definitely unexpected by anybody because of his masculine beauty. Despite the unexpectedness the actor gives the detective role the dignity of perfectly performed one and looks great together with Donnie Yen.

Takeshi Kaneshiro is a talented actor of many characters who becomes more interesting with age. He forces you falling in love with his characters and this is one of the reasons to pay attention to his roles.

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