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Takeshi Kaneshiro commercials lineup to keep elephants as pets

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This article is avaliable thaks to Ognyana who interpreted it.

LOS ANGELES: Since Takeshi Kaneshiro’s photo session and an international commercial, advertising an international tea giant, came to light, people's attention more and more focused on the Asian star who's charming. Judging by the online photos online, they feature Takeshi Kaneshiro dressed in white shirt and military green slacks amidst scenic landscapes, holding tea products up to the camera from time to time or playing with elephants. Seeing the use of elephants and a hot-air balloon, one can not help but secretly wonder, what is the production team that has created such a rated match with Hollywood ad?

Takeshi Kaneshiro is to bring international team to create an international brand

Takeshi Kaneshiro with his diversified international background, extensive performance experience, excellent acting, has won universal recognition and esteem in Asia. Takeshi Kaneshiro’s outstanding appearance and mature attitude and temperament account for the fact that he frequently participated in international big projects, and now he gained a prominent position in the advertising world. In order to highlight the "international tea giants" and the "international star" in close cooperation with Takeshi Kaneshiro, the commercials spared no expense to build a team for the actor to make a "full international team."

It is rumoured that the director and Hollywood star Brad Tanaka as well as Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz will cooperate on the project as well. Takeshi Kaneshiro is to further highlight Lipton as handsome image, Lipton is also inviting international photographers Krittaya Sonthisawat and a well-known Sri Lanka model to create exclusive Lipton's "Hollywood luxury-class production team."

In addition, the elephant was also known as an international superstar. It is reported that the elephant named MR BIG co-starred with Jackie Chan in the Hollywood blockbuster, "Around the World in 80 Days", and also in other Hollywood blockbusters giving a superb performance. At present, MR BIG is already making more money than many local actors, filmmakers have called the animal an international superstar.

Takeshi Kaneshiro would like to keep a pet elephant

In line with Lipton tea ad filming, Takeshi Kaneshiro needs to ride MR BIG for the interpretation of "tea products in their places of origin” story. MR BIG and Takeshi Kaneshiro worked together for a few days, so he looked cool and Takeshi Kaneshiro from time to time was showing his playful side. He was shot while playing with MR BIG's and people could not help laughing. Takeshi Kaneshiro confessed he would like to have an intelligent elephant for a pet.

MR BIG started in the summer heat in the hot sun, but showed not the least bit of impatience and was very well-behaved, winning the heart of Takeshi Kaneshiro. Takeshi Kaneshiro could not help but want to reward MR BIG. Takeshi Kaneshiro then poured a handful of the Lipton RTD tea from his cupped hands directly into MR BIG’s nose. Flattered, MR BIG raised his trunk high abruptly, and seeing the usually very docile elephant actually make this sudden move, the crew were suddenly nervous, thinking that MR BIG would take revenge upon Takeshi Kaneshiro for this "hoax." But MR BIG just put his trunk to his mouth, to drink up the Lipton tea poured by Takeshi.


Category: I-net articles | Added by: mikomi (01.06.2010) | Author: Ognyana
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Total comments: 2
2 Ayane000  
Awww TK is such a sweetie lovely

1 mikomi  
Ognyana, thak you so much for that work. TK is so touching flowers love love love lovely

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