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Rumours about the TK’s private life

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Rumors about Takeshi

This article material is not confirmed with facts that is why every one who reads this must be careful with trust.

The news is here because of the rumors from mass media and fans.

Let as say as it is – people say that Takeshi is becoming bold o_O …well, just a little bit. Surely no one would confirm that – maybe that is just the course of the series of the bad hairdo. That is why we would not be following the scandalist press and would not believe it until Takeshi becomes really bold. Though, as (Samanosuke), who helped me with this article said: "Any hair style suits him; the bald look is sexy!"

The next news could really make lots of fans sad (actually it did though still it is unknown if that is true) – the unconfirmed….sort of unconfirmed rumors that Takeshi Kaneshiro is married. It started with the fact that for quite a while he has bee wearing the ring on the proper finger and it really looked as the wedding one. But:

1) Actor’s manager assures that Takeshi is not married.
2) He has been wearing this ring for three years.
3) It is a bit large for the middle finger so Takeshi wears it like that.
4) He would get married to a woman who has individuality and he is sure that he would meet her one day (it was his reply to the rumors – surely so because he does not like people enterfering his private life).
5) According to the information from one Japanese fan site fans were discussing it replying upon the mass media words (unconfirmed btw) that Takeshi has been married...and because of the ring. By the way mikomi is not married and likes to wear the ring on the same finger.

How did it happen so that rumours are spread?
It is really simple:
Everything begun with the tour to Taiwan on the presentation of the Red Cliff part II, someone among the reporters noticed the ring. Surely rumors spread fast about the marriage (the information is still doubtful despite the latest events in media – see the lower part of the article). The rumor spread very fast. Though it is not quite so. TK’s manager said then (a year ago) that he likes to wear the ring on that finger, but during the presentation he had to take it off.

Despite those announcements some fans believe that he is indeed married, and they do not want to believe it is lie. ‘Cause after all presentations TK put them on again. some are just sure that Takeshi has at least a girlfriend. It is still hard to say if any of the statement is true.

Besides – that is of no matter to us – true fans – because we love him and want him to be happy.

The most important thing is that it is really easy to believe the rumor and to spread it allover.

This article is not really easy to be done. The issue is that Takeshi him self is not really to share his private with media. The fan’s demand to know is high but Takeshi is silent most of the time. Besides, we all know that reporters can create the sensation out of nothing.

article authors: Samanosuke,
TakeshisFun and mikomi

editors: Violette13 and b-angel
We emphasize once again that those are just rumors.
One of the sources:

Addition to the article (January 9, 2010): While the article was here for some while rumors on Takeshi Kaneshiro marriage are in the net again, and they become even more interesting, because some of the Chinese sources argue if it was true especially after the mass media received some information that Takeshi Kaneshiro is married to a Japanese woman.
Naturally mass media is abundant with phrases like the one that stated that Takeshi would never tell even if he did get married – to anyone. That is why Takeshi was not happy on hearing that this information came to light. Takeshi Kaneshiro's manager is unhappy either and she was very angry to know that the specualtion on his marriage is in the net again.
Information sources: Taneshiro is exposed of marrying a japanese woman

Gratitudes for the help in translation of the sources to TakeshisFun
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