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Takeshi Kaneshiro: The Most Handsome Asian Man For The Low-Key Photoshoots

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Interpreted from Chinese by Mikomi

Takeshi Kaneshiro: The Most Handsome Asian Man For The Low-Key Photo-shoots 11/06/2011 – 10:28:07 Source:
Takeshi Kaneshiro

If you were given one opportunity to meet Takeshi Kaneshiro, what would you do? Do you think he would be waiting for what you would do? A lot of people consider Takeshi Kaneshiro being cold (indifferent), staying away of publicity and when he acts in accordance to his image, he greaves: "When girls usually see me, what they do first is screaming, then they are running to me with the books, asking for autograph, and then, finally, they make group photos with me. After those three things done, they run away, and show off their happy moment to other people. And I am left there standing as a dumb, and no one comes up to talk about anything else. ‘So, if you have got a chance to meet Takeshi Kaneshiro, please, talk to him about the movies and his roles more, or you could talk about food, traveling, healthcare would be nice too, because’ he does not really like him as a celebrity, just an actor and nothing more”.

Two weeks ago at Cannes Film Festival there was a pleasant surprise with the movie "Wu Xia” (武侠) and Takeshi Kaneshiro, who appeared there in public too. Usually he did not appear before public when the work was released, or if there is an advertising, or press conference with media, plus, it is a bit difficult. Sunglasses hide his masculine face that can cause a killing effect at any film. Sometimes they do not understand that for Takeshi Kaneshiro who is a man’s handsomeness standard, it can be rather an obstacle. The "Wu Xia"'s director Peter Chan says: "It is very problematic for him to play the role being a handsome looking". Even before filming at the LA, California mansion in the USA, after the 6 year endorsement of the Biotherm advertising, a creative director had to consider if Takeshi can leave the face unshaved and still look good, so he asked Takeshi not to shave for the first test shot and see if he can leave the look that way. They had to try that not having idea of how would it be, and he himself as common actor said it was very "interesting".

A very long time ago, it made Takeshi Kaneshiro confused when fans screamed seeing his handsomeness. For a long time he was not sure of defining himself as an actor or a singer. Or even just a model. It was until 1994 when he starred in the "Chungking Express" and when director Wong Kar-Wai told that Takeshi Kaneshiro's acting talent was high, and thus persuaded him to grip the opportunity and get loss of the uncertainty. After that he made up his mind to give up on the singing career and concentrate on being an actor. Now, 10 years after he had become and international star, and that is what Takeshi Kaneshiro could not even dream of.

It seems that he has always been in contradiction. When he was a child living in Taiwan and holding a Japanese nationality attending the Japanese school up to seven he could not speak Japanese, and thus he had all the time been holding a distance from Japanese and Taiwanese neighbors.

He was named the most handsome Asian man in women's opinion, but nevertheless he always likes to grow beard showing his masculinity; being international star, he frankly refused working at Hollywood and did it on CNN. Being a born star, he was never open to fans to take shoots and give photographs like "all the stars" do. He takes part only in one movie a year, working with Zhang Yimou, Wong Kar-Wai, John Woo, Peter Chan and etc. having opportunities to work with such's hard to imagine that he did not know who Wong Kar-Wai was when Takeshi first saw the man. He also did not watch Tony Leung Chiu-Wai in the eyes when they worked together for the first time. Takeshi Kaneshiro refers it all to him being low-key, shy, and purely natural.

In the "Wu Xia" Takeshi Kaneshiro wears the grey cloth robe and the yellow and black hat, in order to give a role "a fine color", even making a Sichuan accent. Since he received the script, he could not find the best coloring, make up with "the finest dialect", as Peter Chan said, "It is not important if it is a standard dialect or not, but the total devotion to the movie, making yourself a different person, not you, that is even more important than the point we come from". - And that is what the Hong Kong director comes to realize looking in the Takeshi Kaneshiro's eyes.


Reporter (Q): From the Chan's "Warlords" to the John Woo's "Red Cliff" and Juge Liang, and then to the "Wu Xia"'s detective, your roles become more and more mature. Where do you think this mature man's charm comes from?

Takeshi Kaneshiro (TK): Well,... I do not know how to say it. Frankly, I feel, I am not able to pick up the sign of maturity. For instance, I have seen a master working with leather, he was focused on what he was doing, I believe his concentration on things looks very attractive and mature.

Q: Before you had an unwritten rule to cast only one movie a year, and people thought of you as of very mysterious person. But for three last years you work lot more, why those things changed?

TK: It has become so that I was not able to undertake it. I worked where there was an opportunity and was not going to try to control things. For I am grateful that there are so much opportunities to participate in so many great works.

Q: A big-name director invites you to play, are there any criteria?

TK: I think that the most important is the script. Now, at this age, I get the right opportunities I could not have when I was 20. I sometimes wonder, when you get the role, in the end who would you play it? Most probably, for the reason I have not been learning how to act, just like majority of the actors with the proper education, I would just pick up the appropriate role for me.

Q: What is your personal favorite type of the movie?

TK: I like comedies, (ha-ha-ha) because I can see people get happy and joy.

Q: That is a very interesting question is a mystery of what you're doing while you rest.

TK: When I have free time, I get rest as much as possible, spend time with my family, sometimes play video games and take a surf though the Internet.

Q: There are things in the personality's character that remain the same. After the film starts, what remains unchanged for you?

TK: In the different age, I suppose there shall be some change in the ideas. But for me, the things that would remain unchanged are the family and it's privacy protection.

Q: You are very picky about the brand endorsements and the movies, though you represent the Biotherm for six years in a row, which is a very long term cooperation, why so long?

TK: We both fit each other, and we desire to express the feelings in the same way. In the 25 years life on the Biotherm, this company revealed the man's skin care value and is accepted which is very good. I often fly, and stay in a very dry places, so, moisturizing is very important to me, so I like Biotherm home renovate series and all the other in the range of products. (Author/Du Jin-hua)

(Editor: Li Xueqin)

Alternative Sources:,,

Category: Interviews | Added by: mikomi (10.10.2011) | Author: mikomi
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Total comments: 2
1 SawYeeMon   [Entry]
Thank you so much for this article Mikomi-san! I really wanted to wish Takeshi on his birthday, but don't know how !!! So I just did some meritorious deeds on behalf of him. I'm buddhist and so does he... Thanks a million to you again...

2 mikomi   [Entry]
SawYeeMon, thank you too bow
You know, being Buddist makes a lot to people.
Plus that is a great responcibility too. People are all part of this world and if you do something on behalf of Takeshi Kaneshiro-san, that makes his soul bigger. That is a wonderful present. lovely

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