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Takeshi Kaneshiro's Big Confession to "ELLEMEN Rui Shi"

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Interpreted and edited by Ognyana

LOS ANGELES. Recently Takeshi Kaneshiro has been invited to a photo session for a "ELLEMEN Rui Shi" cover and interviews. Because of the sex scandal and gossip (it is rumoured that he got married on the 6th of July, 2011 to a Japanese woman) Takeshi Kaneshiro feels exposed and wants to clear up a few things. He called the rumours "making a mountain out of a molehill” and talked about his character. The following is the interview summary:

Q: How would your crazy fans feel about the rumours?

A: "Crazy" fans are over-enthusiastic about it, which doesn’t seem to be good.

Q: In the eyes of most people, you have been single for many years.

A: Now the media are too powerful, blowing things out of all proportion. Even if they do not know whether a relationship is stable, they still often cause a lot of damage. Now I as a person sometimes feel lonely. But now there are many opportunities in the film industry for me, all of them are good, I think I should consider them.

Q: What would you say about the much rumoured sex scandal?

A: I have to meet other people, I have no alternative. Many reporters think that if a person is mysterious and low-key, why not write about him? So gossip spreads like wild fire.

Q: What is there about your character that we think to be a "mystery"?

A: A right to be an individual, the right to be myself. Every person and every media angle of approach is different, the media may see what is not there.

Q: We misread you?

A: I think it is normal. The aesthetic feeling is different for each person. People seldom think about it. People tend to disagree about many things, it even depends on how well they feel. People have many sides, like your favourite movie. For example you like the film, but your best friend may hate it.

Q: Every time you work with a film director again there must be a different experience.

A: Every director is different, some tell good stories, some act, for example Zhang Yimou. He actually played the scenes you see; Wong Kar-wai is very reticent - in fact, I still do not know what he was thinking. Haha. Nevertheless, this difference is a good thing. On the other hand, I have not changed. When I encounter a different director, something in his approach can give me a spark. If there’s no spark, there’s no film.

Q: Acting, experience and talent: which is more important?

A: I do not know. My point is to encounter a good actor's director! The photographer (cameraman) is also very important. For example, if you are good-looking, it is rather more important how you look in the lens, how the camera catches you instantly; if you do not play well, the director must have the ability to turn you the right way to be photographed. Of course, I am not saying acting is not important, it is the foundation of everything.

Q: Many people are concerned whether "Chungking Express" is your most representative work.

A: This is my co-director Wong Kar-wai's first film. Thank you, director. I'm still doing this movie work, because he is a great director. We want to rush things, rushing to create a work - I love this process! Although I never studied acting, I have my own experience, and gradually understand how to play.

Q: You fell in love with that film of Wong Kar-wai.

A: That year I did not even know who Wong Kar-wai was. It shows that I did not understand the entertainment business. Making the film with him, I was neither good nor bad, I did not understand the process. But he gave me a good environment, so I just put on a show, I felt we gave everything we had to the acting. Every day he told different stories to give you different "relationship": that person is your sister today, tomorrow she may be replaced by a friend. Every day is different. Also, the photographer drank every day (referring to Doyle), ha ha. They made me feel good and the film was fun.

Q: Many actors say that it is a luxury that Wong Kar-wai practices with actors.

A: Many people approach the performers who have long professional stage experience; when I met Wong Kar-wai, I was really lucky, people interest him. Actors work with him not to become famous, not to become a star. They just have great fun, they want to work. My attitude is this: it was my best film! Very simple.

Q: How do you view the distinction between an actor and a star?

A: This question ⋯ let me think about it. Will a good actor make a good star? I do not know. I think it depends. Like I said before, it is very important to "catch your man". For example, you would like to become a star, you may encounter a very good director, you have to grow into a good actor. Perhaps, for some good actors, whom the director singles out, there is a good chance to become a star.

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