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Interview: Huashang - New Culture newspaper (Jilin)

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2010-03-10 03:01:00
Source: Huashang - New Culture newspaper (Jilin)

Source of the picture:

Source of the article: - 而不是明星金城武的存在
Interpreted from Chinese by AltaVista Google and edited by Ognyana

Most people picture Takeshi Kaneshiro as a fascinating face, the world's great sportsman, he is a frequent guest on the party list, but he just wants to be an ordinary person. The first night ceremony"K-20” with Takako Matsu, the Japanese TV drama co-starring queen, Takeshi Kaneshiro, will be held March 12 in Changchun. Recently, this reporter interviewed Takeshi Kaneshiro via e-mail, as he is as far away as Japan. Takeshi Kaneshiro answered each question very seriously, and even replied with an email asking for details.

Talking about "passion play"

Reporter: Where is passion play in K-20?

K: This is not exactly a passion drama, there was a bath scene, but it was not me washing but Takako Matsu. I was to open the bathroom door suddenly, and she was to stand up in the tub and face me. I was quite worried about that scene, fearing that she would flee. I even suggested the director that Takako Matsu’s substitute for the washing scene should be used, but she said no, she would do it herself. When the camera was to shoot my face and her back, she would have a tape of cloth attached to the key positions to cover up front. I was uncomfortable, very worried about the piece of cloth falling off, and I feared that we would all be embarrassed.

On directors

Reporter: From "Chungking Express" to "Tempting Heart", from "House of Flying Daggers" to "The Warlords" to "Red Cliff", Takeshi Kaneshiro’s way in the movies is very smooth. You seem to have been particularly welcomed by major directors, why?

K: I do not know, ah, it is the director who moves pieces in a game of chess, probably it’s easier to move my piece.

Reporter: Who of the directors is your favourite?

K: How do I say that? If I say that I like every director and all of them are a bit alike, you must think this is pretentious. I can only say that the first time I heard from Zhang Yimou, the director was seeking an actor for "House of Flying Daggers". I have lived a simple life, but one day a Taiwan's agent called me and asked if I would stand in. The Chinese director Zhang Yimou is particularly good with the actors, the collaborative process is very comfortable. The director John Woo is very serious and very hard, he is often his own first film crew in all the movies. Wong Kar-wai we all know does not shoot to a script, the process of cooperation is just like a dream. Chan in Hong Kong likes to talk with us, I will spend a lot of time chatting for inspiration. There are many, many directors, I really do not pick them.

Q: Why are you not singing rather than movie-acting for the past few years?

K: First, I wanted to be an actor, but probably because for appearance's sake I am portrayed as an IDOL (idol) ... ... To be a star, to sing, dance, do drama in Japan also means being a public person. But actors necessarily do all these things (without too much exposure), and I’ll be acting as long as I like.

Reporter: When did you feel you were suited to be an actor?

K: Since shooting the Wong Kar-wai film began. I think in the movie where I look grown up, from a little boy who did not know what it took to become a man, I began to consider the direction in life, career direction. After making a series of films by major directors, I found that with every good movie I grew up a little, the films made me realize my growth, maturity.

On attitude to life

Takeshi Kaneshiro gives the impression that he keeps a low-key profile, he rarely attends events, and is even uncomfortable that the film may be viewed simply as propaganda. Takeshi Kaneshiro says that he does not actually like to be so low-key, but in a place lively with strange faces he would feel helpless, very uncomfortable.

Reporter: What do you usually do in your spare time?

Kim: Actually, I have quite a boring life, and like to play games online at home, listen to jazz, but I also like to look through a book or watch a film. In short, I do the same things all of us do at home.

Q: Why are you so low-key?

K: Low-key? I do not know, I do not think I keep a low-key profile, it is not my way of having fun, I just do not like to go out. But this is not because I am low-key, but because I do not know where to go. For example, many fashion events invited me to come, but what shall I do there? I am not a person who likes to dress up, so I went to talk, but talking is not what the brand needs. Even posing for taking pictures with me on the red carpet, standing there like an exhibit, I will be very uncomfortable, and I won’t know what to do with my hands and feet. For example, going to a party - if it is thrown by a friend it’s OK, we drink, and it is also OK, but the majority of guests at parties are usually unfamiliar. So why go there? Go to do what? I prefer staying at home and playing the electric guitar, or reading.

Reporter: Now does your way of life perfectly suit you?

K: I have been very complacent, in the past or present, even in the future. Many actors may feel that the film must be sold, make a lot of money for them, owning houses all over the world, having a private jet, taking a lot of awards, is just perfect, but I think the most common state is the best, because I know that the actors live in the world of vanity, and so wear themselves out if they cherish too high, unrealistic dreams. One’s days cannot all be holidays, that kind of psychological flaw will ruin anybody. So I now have a daily basis so that my life is no longer a week of Sundays, so that I could truly feel that I am a person rather than the star Takeshi Kaneshiro, so that I could feel Takeshi Kaneshiro exists.

Talking about love

Takeshi Kaneshiro has been reticent about his feelings, no matter how reporters ask him if he is not willing to disclose a thing. He said that he’s just looking for an absolutely good and absolutely parents-respecting girl, the girl must be part of his family and stay at his side.

Reporter: Do you know many Asian girls say you are the most perfect man?

K: The so-called perfect man - what is the definition? Is it the appearance? I believe I cannot have reached the standard of a perfect man yet, because I am still not mature enough.

Reporter: What do you think the definition of a perfect man is?

K: Looks are nothing, a perfect man should know how to love other people, must also know how to love himself, but should also know how to achieve an indifferent attitude to life. I now only barely know how much loved I am, but I do not know how to take it lightly.

Q: What does this mean?

K: For example, I am normally recognized on the road, if girls see me whether they be Japanese or Chinese girls, they will shout because they’ve seen me, and then we must do a photo, turn around after a photo call, they send text messages to friends, and don’t pay any further attention to me. I have heard them and my friends say my name, saying that I was cool, but no one is willing to chat with me, have something normal to say. At this time as there’s no way to change this situation, I take it lightly.

Reporter: Will it bother you?

K: No trouble, but I feel helpless.

Reporter: So what is the ideal woman? What do you think?

K: I like kind-hearted and parents-respecting girls, looks do not matter, and how many such girls are in entertainment business? I've seen enough of them. The sentence seems to be rather high-sounding, but in fact these two points are really difficult, I feel like I cannot find an absolutely good and absolutely parents-respecting girl.

Reporter: You are already famous for being a good son.

K: No, I'm far from filial piety, because I had no time to accompany my family around often. There is one thing that made me very sad - I was a child and lived with my mother in Taiwan, but a few years ago I returned home and suddenly found that I could not speak Taiwanese. Outside my home in all these years I spoke good Japanese, Cantonese, English and Mandarin, but when I was young I spoke Taiwanese with my mother, I actually cannot speak, and can only be understood, but the language was lost over the years. I'm sorry, it seems that I have betrayed my childhood and my caring elders. I also think about how long in the end I did not accompany them around. So, I hope I can meet a girl, but if not I’ll instead I be at my family's side.

Reporter Yan Wei

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