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"Disguised Black Mask"

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《变相黑侠》本月12日将映 金城武称背不动松隆子

"Disguised Black Mask"

Source of the article and picture:
Interpreted from Chinese by Ognyana

Reporter: What was it like, filming the story of the Black Mask?

Takeshi Kaneshiro: I’ve known the story of the Black Mask since childhood. I think the black Tokyo Tower is very interesting. I started reading the CG, and when we finished editing, I thought, ‘I actually live in such a world, too, really cool. It is fascinating ah! Short, fun movies, action and CG, sound effects are all very good.’

Reporter: Your role is cool, right?

Takeshi Kaneshiro: I and the director discussed whether I was to play the role of male beauty or give the performance of a very funny clown. At that time, the director said that the clown was better; so I submitted to the will of the director and always thought where a bit of humor could be used. Comedy of course, is very happy, it’s fun, but the acting itself is not easy. Funny things to laugh at are the hardest! A film can be funny, but laughter is a serious thing.

Reporter: What training have you done for the action movie?

Takeshi Kaneshiro: What has been done… Indeed, I had to fly a helicopter in one scene, it was nosediving and rocking, and I have the fear of heights, ah, indeed terrible ah. But I trusted this special team absolutely, security was given a lot of thought, it was fairly good. Only once, very high in the sky, a thought shot through my mind, "Why do I have to be here? What am I doing? Why me?”

Reporter: You played a person who studied "The Book of Thieves” and learnt the trade to perfection. You also usually reach the purpose of the optimization of the hard work and style, right?

Takeshi Kaneshiro: I am usually quite lazy, and I find it hard with the things that I am not interested in, I feel I might as well go find something of interest. As I love movies, so even if I feel differently, I also do not mind my own temper. "The Book of Thieves” teaches the same, ‘forget what you are’, so it will work.

Reporter: Do you feel satisfied and praise yourself saying "I’m really terrific," when you succeed in doing something difficult, e.g. training for an action movie?

Takeshi Kaneshiro: Not when I fly (laughs). We have all heard of "First love yourself, in order to learn to love others," that’s the word for it. If a person cannot be moved by himself, how can he be moved by others? How can he reach out to the other people? How can he be confident? Best director, best screenplay, best actor will not necessarily make first-class fun. Therefore, here’s the difficulty. I know that if everybody is very good to me, very careful, I will tend to become smug.
For example, let’s take the grand "Red Cliff", and John Woo the director is a very humble man. As his junior I would learn from him, I just couldn’t do enough to see my own efforts.

Reporter: What was the best funny scene your partners carried out?

Takeshi Kaneshiro: Fixing the final show, I staged a joke, although normally such a thing will definitely be criticized, but with Mr. Nakamura, I felt we could do it (laughs). At that moment in the film Genji just hands me a toy, and then Akechi tries to shoot me from a toy pistol.
In fact, I was a little bit nervous, and asked the producer, "Could we pull it?" The producer said, "We could do it." So I can rest assured, even if Akechi was angry, it’s not my responsibility (laughs). The scene was really very funny!

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