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Returner (Ritana リターナー)

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Ritana リターナー

Author of the article: mikomi

Special thanks for the materials to Cantara

Runtime – 116 minutes

2002 – Japan
Director: Takashi Yamazaki 山崎
Script: Kenya Hirata and Takashi Yamazaki 山崎
Producers: Chikahiro Ando, Toru Horibe, Akifumi Takuma
Original soundtrack: Akihiko Matsumoto 松本昭彦



Takeshi Kaneshiro 金城 – Miyamoto 宮本
Anne Suzuki 鈴木杏 – Milly ミリ
Kirin Kiki キリン キキ – Xie
Goro Kishitani 五郞 岸谷笑 – Mizoguchi 溝口
Kanata Hongô 本郷 奏多 – Young Miyamoto 宮本

Ritana - official site in Japan

In the future – in 2084 precisely – right in the middle of the hot point of the Earth people against the alien rogues, people decide to send someone back in time – to the place and moment when aliens crashed and since when the war began. They decide to make the journey to the past to stop the war in future.

Anyways, somehow…and during the film plot development you will find out how – a Japanese girl name Milly gets into pats. She receives help from Miyamoto – a skillful gun….from the streets, who is reluctant to help her at the beginning because he got use to work with the more serious clients, but with the help of blackmail she makes him to help her. Everything would have been slight and easy if but there is always a villain – in this case a gang who killed Miyamoto’s friend – Mizoguchi – a head of the part of the Chinese triads. Mizoguchi is somehow involved into the beginning of the war with aliens. To watch all the rest otherwise it would look as if the film is already told.
Interesting facts about the film:
  • "Daggra" is the name of the alien in the film – in Tibetan it really means "enemy".
  • The plane which appears to be the alien ship at the end of the film (for the most attentive ones – it is in the film almost everywhere), is called "Buddyair 100 747".
  • Milly used the gun Walther P99.
  • Small automatic guns used by the soldiers of the future are indeed FN P90.
  • Also the imdb says that in the moment when the BMW is blown into the air there is a wire visible in the shots, but personally I have not noticed it.
  • There are movies in which this or the other concept (from Ritana) was already used – for instance, "Independence day" aliens use telepathy to speak using someone else too, "Back to the Future" and "Terminator" – the time traveling. In "Back to the Future" there was a moment when the character was vanishing when he changed the past, just as Milly did, though these moments are relevantly different, and "Ritana" is absolutely independent as for the plot.
  • The song of Lenny Kravitz "Dig In" is the ending melody of the film.
  • For the most attentive – Kanata Hongô and Anne Suzuki, and also one of the actress of the other actress (not credited) were also performing roles in Takahisa Zeze’s movie Moon Child which makes the direct link of this film to Gackt as in the six_degrees_of_separation.
  • Even though the "Ritana" and the PV (promotional video) of Gackt "Retana ~ Yami no Shuen" (神威 楽斗 - リターナー ~闇の終焉~) have nothing in common but the resemblance in the name you can find them together in the searching engines.
  • Al Dente – Italian spaghetti – the interpretation of the word says "to the bite" or "to the tooth", means the quantity of pasta (sometimes other meals) which is necessary for one person or a small quantity to eat. Miyamoto cooked that al dente to Milly and recalled his friend after that.

What attracts in the film?
That is a wonderful sci-fi story, kind and somehow naive. Non the less the story in positive and after you have seen it you want to smile. Great special effects. These are not the Hollywood ones but very beautiful. The acting is very pleasing. Especially the character of Mizoguchi by Goro Kishitani – the great actor, very attractive and nice. And his appearance seems to be perfect for the villain – interesting and charismatic, but at the end of the film makes viewers seem he is extremely stupid, but that is the character – too self-assured and having perceived himself that he is more like a god.

The ideas in the film are interesting and the stunts are shivering. Takeshi Kaneshiro is extremely beautiful when he is on the bike and holds guns. Anne Suzuki – is the real mascot of the film, she always makes you smile.

What makes you feel cool about the movie?
Some moments in Takeshi Kaneshiro’s acting are to the certain point showing he is not serious about acting, but Takeshi indeed has no acting school behind his back. Everything he does is intuitive – he is one of those actors who is considered talented and is the one but having no acting education behind his back. Some moments in the special effects are quite not really those you can believe to. Though the film itself is interesting and fresh. And those who like sci-fi would watch it with pleasure.

Download: TORRENTS.RU  


Returner article form dreams_of_gackt

Ritana on imdb

Ritana - official site in Japan

Wikipedia - Six_degrees_of_separation

Special thanks for the materials to Cantara

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