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Ru guo - Ai (Perhaps Love)

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Ru guo · Ai (Perhaps Love)

Author of the article: Ноэру
Additional information and translation: mikomi

Release Date: 2005
Country: Hong Kong, China, Malaysia
Genre: drama, romance, musical
Runtime: 1:48:00

Director: Peter Chan
Script writers: Oi Wah Lam, Raymond To
Producer: Peter Chan, Andre Morgan
Music: Peter Kam, Leon Ko



Image hosted by Takeshi Kaneshiro              Image hosted by Xun Zhou
Image hosted by Jacky Cheung                     Image hosted by Jin-Hee Ji
Image hosted by Eric Tsang                          Image hosted by Sandra Ng Kwan Yue

Short synopsis: What to do if you have to chose between the career of the actress and the man you love? Or is it love?
That is the story of the love triangle where that is difficult to see the line between the real life and the film...

Additional information: The film was nominated 12 times, and was at the Taipei movie awards. The nominations were: best actress, best director, photography, and etc. (go here to learn more -

From Ноэру: I liked the film: colorful, outstanding, fascinating and very melodic too. I love musicals! Takeshi is awesome. By the way, the costumes all the characters had were beautiful and I liked the decorations. Anyways, the film is very good!



Italy: September 2005 (Venice Film Festival)

China: 1 December 2005

Singapore: 8 December 2005

Taiwan: 23 December 2005

South Korea: 5 January 2006

France: 11 March 2006 (Deauville Asian Film Festival)

Thailand: 16 March 2006

France: 8 July 2006 (Paris Cinéma)

Japan: 11 November 2006

France: 22 November 2006

USA: 10 February 2007 (Portland International Film Festival)
Movie Review:

Interviews with Peter Chan: almost love stories -
Category: TK Movies reviews | Added by: mikomi (05.03.2009)
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