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Takeshi Kaneshiro for Biotherm Homme

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The Star Online Lifestyle Takeshi Kaneshiro, the brand Natural, modern, confident and virile superstar perfect for Biotherm Homme.

(Compiled by Patsy Kam) The - lifestyle - story - source


STRIKE while the iron is hot, they say. With heart-throb Takeshi Kaneshiro fresh from his success playing Zhuge Liang – the wise premier and adviser of General Liu Bei in John Woo’s historic war epic Red Cliff – Emporio Armani snapped up the star in July to be the label’s new face.

Headlining Emporio Armani’s 2008 autumn and winter marketing campaign, Kaneshiro is the first Asian model to front a campaign for the Italian label, joining the likes of other celebrities such as football stars David Beckham and Kaka, and actor Josh Hartnett. Kaneshiro’s first prominent modeling contract was with Prada a decade ago.

This gives French cosmetic brand Biotherm Homme all the more reason to be convinced that they have made the right choice. The image of someone who is famous, healthy and positive, Kaneshiro is seen as the perfect interpretation of the brand as he is “natural, modern, confident and virile”.

This is the first time in the history of Biotherm Homme that a superstar becomes the spokesperson for the entire Chinese market as well as the Asian region. This makes sense as many users can aspire and relate to Kaneshiro. His intense look on the recent advertisement campaign for Biotherm Homme’s launch of High Recharge Yeux in particular, the first anti-fatigue cold eye-serum in a roll-on, was warmly received in the Malaysian market.

Born of Taiwanese and Japanese parentage, the 35-year-old actor once admitted that he felt caught between two worlds when he was growing up. Today, he has no doubts over where he stands in an industry which accepts him for the accomplished actor that he is. Kaneshiro currently resides in Taiwan.

He has been dubbed the Johnny Depp of the Asian film industry due to his “chameleon-like” acting skills, thanks to his ability to adapt to a wide variety of roles. Having worked with big name directors such as Wong Kar Wai, Zhang Yimou and John Woo, Kaneshiro told Talk Asia: “Acting is only something that I’m doing, it’s my job now. But the whole thing, movie, making movie, is the great creating thing about a big art, big work.”

He speaks about his involvement with Biotherm Homme.

Biotherm Homme is your first attempt at being a spokesperson for a men’s skincare range and your first endorsement ever. How long have you been the face of Biotherm Homme?


This would be my third year.


What do you think made it work for you and the brand?


I don’t know. I felt delighted at that time, and well, I didn’t expect myself to become a spokesperson for a men’s skincare range. I have more self-esteem and motivation to perform better every time.


What were your thoughts during the recent filming of the Biotherm Homme commercial?


Some said I portray an arrogant outlook but in fact I am a simple man who prefers to keep a low profile; I am my own man and I don’t like restriction.


When men talk about skincare products, they tend to be shy and have a misconception that skincare topics are for women only. You have endorsed Biotherm for three years – do you feel you have improved your own concept of the importance of skincare?


Of course. Maybe because as celebrities, we are different from other working people. Most of the time during our work, we have to wear make-up. From the first day of work, we will use all these skincare and make-up products, different brands from different countries.

I have been to many countries and each one gave me different perspectives. The weather differs from one country to another as well. I was born in Taiwan; therefore, for me to go up North, I would feel uneasy. Especially those few months when I have been to Beijing for filming.

Every time we go up the mountain, it would be for months and you can feel the difference when it comes to picking the right skincare.


Biotherm Homme has a concept which includes seven different elements, which goes along the lines of achievement, taste, health, sports, personality, being true to yourself, and love. Which ones do you value the most?


Being true to yourself is the most important. Of course, I’m not saying you should put effort aside for this; we still need to be hard-working. But we cannot force ourselves to do something we (know we) cannot achieve or even to become someone else.


In recent years, you had acted in quite a few films; which form do you feel most satisfied with yourself?


I believe that in the past, faith had been close to my work. If the project is interesting, then I’ll have a try; if it is too complicated, which I believe I am not capable of, then I’ll try something else. Of course, I hope to learn new things but I also try to not be too hard on myself. I like to give myself some space to breathe as well as try my best for work. So, working with some challenges would be okay to me but I don’t like to be overburdened.


In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a gentleman?


Different stages in life have different requirements. For example, whether you are married or single. For me, I am still single. I am not very sure what a nice gentleman should be, but I try to give my best in work, support those that are working with me and try to achieve the goals with them. We all have fun working together. As for those who are married, family would be the most important to them.


How has this bond between you and Biotherm Homme affected your working life?


During these past few years, I’ve worked on quite a number of movies. Most of the time I would be in China. A few months ago, especially throughout winter, I was in Beijing and also Shanghai. Travelling is really stressful and tiring. Nonetheless, I need to put on make-up, and then remove the make-up and dust on my face. After cleansing the face, I can still feel dryness in my skin. Biotherm Homme has given me some products to try and they have been helpful.


What are the attitudes that demonstrate an individual cares for himself?


A person should have aims in life, knows what he wants to do and doesn’t care what others think. Don’t think that you have to do as you are told just so you won’t be criticised. Whatever it is, don’t pay attention to all these criticisms. The most important thing is for you to go for what you want to achieve without any pretence.


Biotherm’s spirits are masculinity, excellence and nature. Which of these do you find defines you best?

I think it is about being natural and true to myself.


        Compiled by Patsy Kam

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1 Ayane000   [Entry]
"The most important thing is for you to go for what you want to achieve without any pretence"
I love this quote right here. One of the reason why I love TK so much is because he always seems so true to himself and not pretentious as other celeb .

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