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Main » 2009 » November » 2 » The Message film prequel (Takeshi Kaneshiro)
The Message film prequel (Takeshi Kaneshiro)
With gratitude to Ognyana for help.
Takeshi Kaneshiro has been invited to take part in the shooting of the next part of The Message (Feng Sheng) movie.
According to, Kuo-fu Chen, the director of the film has invited Takeshi to take part in the shootings which will be held in Summer 2010. Mass-media in Asia considers such invitation of the half Taiwanese and half Japanese actor who is considered to be the whole Asian star as the promotion for the new film. Even despite the fact that this year movie attracts attention of the viewers on the festivals.

And some interesting information about Takeshi Kaneshiro seemingly only a speculation fueled by fans (found by Samanosuke). Takeshi was spotted by some fans in Los Angeles (read details here - forum). TKfanclub site administration warns that this news is concidered only as rumour so far but joyfully hopes that can be reality one day.

The Message at imdb:
The news in hkmdb:
China Daily:

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Total comments: 7
7 NatashaHix   [Entry]
Deleted by the Administration of the site

1 Samanosuke   [Entry]
Copy paste from what I said in the forums:

They only said that he could make movies in Hollywood BECAUSE he's there. Just because he's in L.A. doesn't automatically translate that he's doing/will be doing a Hollywood movie, you know? He's entitled to take vacations and meet friends. x)

Reports just love phrasing their articles like that.

Of course, only time will tell. cool

2 mikomi   [Entry]
that is exactly what I wrote.
Besides copypasting is not quiet the policy of the site.
But you can offer a better line for the news. Because it is your news in any way))))))

3 Samanosuke   [Entry]

But what I don't understand is the rumour? Because they way the article is worded is that they jumped to that specific conclusion and have people think that's the reason before reading the whole article.

Like I said, that's how news reporters word things to make people read and then get us readers not understand why they worded as such when it's not true at all.

4 mikomi   [Entry]
for me rumour is somethng which has no ground and should not be considered as truth it self
but if you have another word to replace "rumour" with I will do that.

5 Samanosuke   [Entry]
The way they titled the article would indicate a rumour but reading the whole thing, there's no rumour in it at all. Management said he's visiting friends.

He gets many offers from Hollywood but he doesn't sign any of them.

I sound like I'm being harsh!! surprised I'm clearly not!! surprised

6 mikomi   [Entry]
I am not saying you are harsh
I am saying that there is no contradiction to the article.
Anyways I am really tired of this arguing.
There is no copipasting in the front page of this site. Besides only after reading the article it self I have understood that those are rumours. And the article name it self said as if it is more that just a rumour - quoting: "Actor Takeshi Kaneshiro heading to Hollywood?"

That is why I am tending to delete this part of the news more than arguing with you. I do not like the idea of us become enemies only because you don't like what I wrote. And seems to me you are sort of pissed by that post. Therefore I am just leaving the link to forum here. Nothing more. And all the others would decide what to think of that part of the news

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