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Main » 2009 » November » 18 » Takeshi Kaneshiro news review on November 18, 2009
Takeshi Kaneshiro news review on November 18, 2009
TKfanclub administration informs you on the latest events connected to Takeshi Kaneshiro and films with him! Small review (read everything in details in the review below):
1) First of all the concerns of the fans about status of the Onimusha’s production;
2) Takeshi Kaneshiro is the first in the rate of the ‘Handsomest Taiwanese’;
3) Cinemahochi 34 nomination and K-20 and Red Cliff;
4) Films reviews (Red Cliff) and John Woo’s Red Cliff article;
5) Plus EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: John Woo Visits Red Cliff;
The concerns of the fans about Onimusha release: The strangest thing is the fact that there is nothing heard of the movie so far – only some rumors on the making. Besides, there should be at least something – like trailer, or movie posters…and some were even in fear that Hadida invite someone but Takeshi Kaneshiro for the role of Samanosuke Akechi (TK was a voice of the character in the game and also was a model for the character), none the less Christopher Gans (the movie director) sees Takeshi in this role. The AMP‘s author Caroline writes about some possible reasons why there is a delay of the film release (which is to be in theatres in December 2009):
- Heath Ledger (who should have been performing a role of Roberto, a Spaniard character from the Dawn of Dreams (Onimusha 6th series) - his sudden death and no proper candidature to shift the actor;
- According to Wikipedia information on Onimusha film, H. Ledger’s death led to the postpone of the project and caused the Japanese actors to take roles and to work on other films;
- Anyways - the film (according to the wikipedia) is rescheduled on 2011.
So, we wait and see – what else can fans do? ;)

According to a Kaneshiro clinch Handsomest Taiwanese article, some Taiwanese web-site had held an opinion poll on the most handsome man in the country. The respondents were the users of the site only but the result is remarkable for us because among the 36 celebrities listed for the poll, Takeshi Kaneshiro has taken the first place in the minds of the respondents having received the 11 753 votes. He had bitten Jerry Yan who received 10 032 votes. The poll listed such famous celebs as Ming Dow (Matthew - 4145), Show Luo (3427), Wu Chun (2592), Wang Leehom, Jay Chou, Godfrey Kao, Yang Yizhan and etc. the vote was held for 6 days. (the information was ready at the end of October).

Cinematochi) has represented the nominations of the 34 movie awards preannouncement of the readers vote[第34回報知映画賞 読者投票中間発表]according to which:
K-20 –[K-20 怪人二十面相・伝]
   - is nominated in the category of the Best Picture Award / a Japanese movie section – 【作品賞・邦画部門】
Red Cliff part II – [レッド・クリフ PARTⅡ]
    - is nominated in the category of the Best Picture Award / a foreign film section – 【作品賞・洋画部門】
Takako Matsu – ( 松たか子)
    - is nominated for the award as actress of the year in the K-20 film - 【主演女優賞】
Toru Nakamura – (仲村トオル)
    - is nominated for the award as the supporting male actor in K-20 怪人二十面相・伝 - 【助演男優賞】
Shimako Sato – (佐藤嗣麻子)
    - is nominated as the best director for the K-20 怪人二十面相・伝 - 【監督賞】
Alas Takeshi Kaneshiro is not nominated though he was brilliant in both Red Cliff and in K-20.

We also represent Red Cliff reviews for your attention here:
*    Пресс-релизы кинокомпаний - «Битва у Красной скалы» выходит в прокат - 18 августа 2009;
*    Capsule reviews: `Bad Lieutenant' and others - "Red Cliff" – by David Germain, AP Movie Writer;
*    Red Cliff movie review It’s Good Guys vs. Bad Guys on a China-Size Scale – by MIKE HALE, published November 18, 2009;
*    John Woo's Killer Instincts Return for Red CliffAbridged for American consumptionBy Scott FoundasTuesday, November 17th 2009 at 3:24pm;
*    The Weekend Warrior: Nov. 20 - 22 Source:Edward Douglas November 17, 2009 – THE CHOSEN ONE: Red Cliff;
*    Tuesday Morning Foreign Blu-ray disc Report: "Red Cliff" and "Red Cliff 2" (John Woo, 2008) by Glenn Kenny – November 17, 2009;
*    The John Wooniverse By Alison Willmore , Matt Singer on 11/16/2009;

Plus EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: John Woo Visits Red Cliff:
Source: Thanks to Jami Philbrick
Read about the video

The Auteurs:
John Woo Video:
The John Wooniverse:
AMP Onimusha quest:
Onimusha at beyondhollywood:
Takeshi Kaneshiro at IMDB:
Weekend Warrior film pickup Red Cliff:
Article about Red Cliff:
NYTimes Red Cliff Review:
Cinemahochi awards:
Takeshi – handsomest Taiwanese:
Questions on the films:
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Total comments: 2
2 Ognyana   [Entry]
On his page at imdb there's a mention of 'Onimusha', but details can be seen only on Anyway, it's indeed a film many are looking forward to. It would be a pity if it doesn't happen... Let's hope it will.

About Cinemahochi nominations. Well, I start thinking it's strange. Look, "K-20" is after Best picture award, "Red Cliff" is also after several awards at least, and guess who starred in them both? But no, judging by the nominations, TK had nothing to do with them, he just happened to be around on the movie set... What has happened to common sense and plain conscience of the people who make nominations? Unfair, that's what I call it.

1 Samanosuke   [Entry]
At the beginning of the year, reported that the Onimusha movie had wrapped up production in late 2008.

According to here, no one has confirmed or denied that he's in it; have to wait and see for pictures.

And according to a now defunct link from May of last year, with his hectic schedule, he had no time to film the movie.

So I'm as question as much as the next person. wacko

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