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Main » 2011 » August » 8 » News from the "Wu Xia" Premier
News from the "Wu Xia" Premier
The premiers and presentation of the new Peter Chan's movie "Wu Xia" were held and there are some reports on the news, interviews and photoreports of the events from different sources.
So, lets begin with the fresh ones:
1) The article called "Peter Chan reveals the secret to Takeshi Kaneshiro's success" written by Melissa Tan for the 05 August, 2011.
In short, it says about Takeshi Kaneshiro as one of the biggest stars in Asia who had worked with Peter Chan on "Perhaps Love", "Warlords" and "Wu Xia". It says about Peter Chan's thoughs on why Takeshi Kaneshiro is so popular these days, quoting him: "Kaneshiro is a very special sort of star whom people found naturally appealing, regardless of gender. Women love him while men could identify with him without feeling threatened. Kaneshiro is handsome of course. There are a lot of handsome men around but there are few [like Kaneshiro] who are handsome and yet not annoying to other men. You need to be handsome and give off this introverted 'feeling' so men will let their guard down, plainly put - so men won't think you will snatch their girlfriends". Takeshi Kaneshiro is a rare talent who is so handsome yet you don't feel he is threatening. This could be the result of him being very introverted and very concerned about what people think of him. He gives people the feeling he is insecure and has a certain kind of disarming vulnerability about him". (Source:
There is also a review of the Wu Xia movie and the interview with Peter Chan at on 20 July, 2011

2) Also, there is an interesting article about the events on one of the premiers of the "Wu Xia" (at Taiwan premiere presicely) where thousand of fans greeted him, calling him hubie and in reply they heard him calling fans wivies (this information is known thankfully to crystalized)

3) And some photos from the presentation of the film and parties (source:


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