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VIZ Pictures which is an affiliate of the Japanese action films distributor VIZ Media is to release the "K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces" on DVD exclusively for North America on the Twentieth of April, 2010. The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price is $24.92 for USA and $35.99 for Canada.
To celebrate this event VIZ Pictures announced of the only one special show by the VIZ Cinema in San Francisco on April 20th:
Screen time: 7:00pm
Ticket + DVD cost: $25
The event ticket cost: $10 only for the screening.
$25.00 is for a movie ticket, the brand new DVD, a poster, and some more things.
You can already order a ticket online through the site.
For more information visit the sites on the links in the news and the sites given below:
Category: Films | Views: 475 | Added by: mikomi | Date: 09.04.2010 | Comments (0)

After several days of screening in the USA "Warlords" gets high assess in the USA. The number of articles of the movie review appeared during this short period of time and most of them give the film a positive mark.

Picture source:

Not all of them surely like Washington Post that reads that the movie was not rather interesting to the audience.
Here are the links to some of them:
Category: Films | Views: 498 | Added by: mikomi | Date: 09.04.2010 | Comments (0)

Since 2 April 2010 Warlords is in the US movies thankfully to Magnetreleasing. You may also read the press thoughts about the film on the official Magnet Warlords site:
Next week is going to speak of the film rates: according to the article movie is anticipated. It has received the R rate for sequences of strong violence.
Watch the trailer:

Evolution By called it among the best premiers of the week.

Now a bit of the briefs for you about the movie:
Category: Films | Views: 606 | Added by: mikomi | Date: 05.04.2010 | Comments (0)

According to the Morning News reporter Peng Ji – K-20 "Black Mask in disguise" by Shimako Sato is among most popular movies in the New Year alongside with "Alice in Wonderland" made by Tim Burton.

Picture source: was mentioning the K-20 "Black Mask in disguise" (《变相黑侠》) and "Alice in Wonderland" among other long waited movies such as French movie "Do not look back" (《不要回头》) and Russian "Lost Tomb" (《古墓迷途》).
According to, Takeshi Kaneshiro was not present at the Beijing’s K-20 premier. There are several reasons named though there is no official explanation.
And a little bit of additional information on K-20: READ MORE...
Category: Films | Views: 608 | Added by: mikomi | Date: 15.03.2010 | Comments (0)

This news is available thanks to Ognyana.

Even despite the fact that most of the movie databases abandoned listing the Peter Chan’s "Waiting" (Waiting - novel) because it was scheduled to be in theatres in 2009, Chinese sources do speak of the film. On January 2010 Peter Chan was present at one of the symposiums to promote Chinese films abroad. Han San-Ping, chairman of China Film Group was speaking of the future releases of the films including the long waited Peter Chan’s creation which is scheduled for the April next year according to the asserts of the director (

Sources: Learn more....
Category: Films | Views: 1772 | Added by: mikomi | Date: 28.02.2010 | Comments (0)

Here is the review of the events connected to Red Cliff shows:

Picture source:
Hong Kong Film Festival in Sydney (HKSAR) which was officially launched on the 13th of February was opened by John Woo's Red Cliff. Warlords will also be shown during 15-27th of February on the festival.

Holy Cross Seelos Film Series Spring 2010 schedules Red Cliff on Wednesday, April 21 and will show it at 3 and 8 p.m. (Rated PG)

PHOENIX, Arizona - Indie Epics will show Red Cliff in the EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENTS:
Thursday March 18 (7pm)
Friday March 19
Saturday March 20 (4pm, 6.40, 9.20pm)
Category: Films | Views: 500 | Added by: mikomi | Date: 18.02.2010 | Comments (0)

Yesterday 香港電影金像獎 (Hong Kong Film Awards) announced the list of the nominees for the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards which will be held on the 18 of April, 2010.

Picture source: japantoday BY TARO FUJIMOTO
John Woos Red Cliff with Takeshi Kaneshiro is nominated in several categories:
赤壁 (Red Cliff) - by Terence Chang & John Woo is nominated as the Best Film
吳宇森 (John Woo) – the Best Director
梁朝偉 (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) – the Best Actor
張豐毅 (Zhang Feng Yi) – the Best Supporting Actor
趙薇 (Zhao Wei) – Best Supporting Actress
林志玲 (Lin Chi Ling) – Best New Performer
心戰 - 岩代太郎 - 李焯雄 - 阿蘭 alan - Best Original Film Song
Learn more...
Category: Films | Views: 553 | Added by: mikomi | Date: 10.02.2010 | Comments (0)

Here is couple of news about the films with Takeshi Kaneshiro.
According to the searches we have found out that "Warlords" and "Red Cliff" are noted among the world’s most interesting films of 2009 and 2010 including.
Phillip Barret from the Reel Loop named the "Red Cliff" fifth in the rate of fifteen best movies of 2009. He delivers very good words about the movie to the reader.
Barry Steele at heyuguys has mentioned the "Red Cliff" in his top ten movies of the last year giving it with the 4 place. Author of the Bazmann’s Top Ten Movies is sort of scared to watch the full two series version but he is totally found of the theatrical version for the American and European movie-theatres.
Garth Franklin from Dark Horizons mentioned the "Warlords" which is in theatres after April 2d, 2010 as one of the most notable films of the 2010.
Category: Films | Views: 566 | Added by: mikomi | Date: 20.01.2010 | Comments (0)

Yesterday there was a ceremony of the CCMA (Critics' Choice Movie Awards) on VH1.
We have already uncovered the events on the on-line voting held by the VH1 site and by all means we tried to support the "Red Cliff" movie with Takeshi Kaneshiro in the on-line voting held here. The film anyways got a pretty good number of votes that equals 19% which is very nice.

picture source:
We have gained a lot in this vote and that is why Thank you all. Alas, the jury’s choice was not in favour of the Red Cliff. But the tkfanclub administration as you all, we sure, believe that Tkaeshi Kaneshiro’s movies will win because our Aniki Jin has already gained a lot and will get more of the world success.
Category: Films | Views: 515 | Added by: mikomi | Date: 16.01.2010 | Comments (0)

This news is avaliable thanks to Samanosuke

On January 15, 2010 at 9:00PM ET/PT the VH1 will air the 15th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards gala. for three years already the CCMA somehow predicts the choice of the nominations in the Academy Award.
Takeshi Kaneshiro featured film "Red Cliff" is nominated for the award being one of five Best Foreighn Language Film,
You can VOTE here.

It has all the opportunities to become first - let's bring the forces together.
Source: Expired Pineapple Takeshi Kaneshiro forum of Samanosuke

Takeshi Kaneshiro has recently been voted as one of the five handsomest men in Taiwan according to the Taiwanese media voting event which was held in the recent time. (read more...)
Category: Films | Views: 592 | Added by: mikomi | Date: 03.01.2010 | Comments (0)

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