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Main » 2009 » May » 29 » Screenshots of Sapporo beer ads
Screenshots of Sapporo beer ads

Ads screenshots

LA, California.

Takeshi Kaneshiro is a model for the Japanese beer SAPPORO.

As thearticle says he had to drink beer all day long and seemed not to be dunk at all. Guess that was bad for his health indeed. Once he had to be performing drunk during the shooting on the Andrew Lau’s "Confession of Pain" film where he was performing a policeman most of the time killing his pain with whisky. Director asked Takeshi Kaneshiro then to be drinking a real alcohol to make shots more natural.

According to some other sources about the Sapporo beer ads it was rather hard for him to be shooting in the Sapporo beer ads because even though he was not noticed drunk he was constantly leaving the shooting stage.

After that Sapporo commercial we believe he would barely look at beer. Besides, some really do fear his involvement in the beer ads and some roles of drunk can make others addicted to alcohol. Well, that is all up to the mind strength of the person. And even Takeshi Kaneshiro cannot make a strong personality drop to the level of alcoholism.

And a bonus video of the commercial

thanks to Show5Syou

And the SAPPORO behind the scenes

thanks to Miki2612


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