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Main » 2009 » February » 26 » House of Flying Daggers – remake by Sam Raimi?
House of Flying Daggers – remake by Sam Raimi?
According to some articles that appeared recently in the net, the Ghost House Pictures owned by Sam Raimi (a well known director in Hollywood who usually makes horror flicks and serials) recently tried to buy rights to remake the House of the Flying Daggers.

Sam Raimi was successful. That is surely only a rumor these days but rumors often tend to become true when it goes to production of the film. What we have picked up on the net as the response to this rumor was somehow negative. And no wonder. Why to pick a purely Chinese historical movie to the Hollywood?

Our thoughts:
  • maybe Sam Raimi is under the same magic spell of Asian euphoria (so far no one told about the acting staff – Asians or Americans);
  • maybe, as the authors of the articles believe, Sam Raimi is going to make a western story of Chen and Mei (as John Amnd Mary ;));
  • maybe he is going to make a serial out of this outstanding film (that would be the worst nightmare for everyone and a real horror flick for fans)
Nonetheless, there was such news in the net and seemingly to be true one day.
You can discuss this artiecle here of go to the forum
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