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Main » 2009 » July » 12 » Red Cliff in Russia
Red Cliff in Russia

On the 30 July, 2009 Red Cliff is to be shown in the theatres of Rusian Federation ( - afisha). Not yet known whether it will be shown as the fist part of the movie – Res Cliff or as the combines European version.

Red Cliff movie made as one single movie for the US and European market and is already moving the Europe.

The premiers of the Red Cliff and the Red Cliff II for the Asian market were set for each part separately and are shown thus:

South Korea

Part 1) – 30 June, 2008 (limited) and 10 July, 2008

Part II) 22 January, 2009      


Part 1) – 2 July, 2008 (Beijing premiere); 3 July, 2008 (Chengdu premiere); and 10 July, 2008

Part II) 8 January, 2009


Part 1) 11 July, 2008

Part II) 9 January, 2009

Hong Kong

Part 1) 10 July 2008

Part II) 15 January, 2009


Part 1) 15 July, 2008

Part II) 15 January, 2009


Part 1) 8 July, 2008 (Bitan premiere); 10 July, 2008

Part II) 15 January, 2009


Part 1) 18 October, 2008 (Tokyo International Film Festival) and 1 November, 2008

Part II) 10 April 2009


Part 1) 10 July, 2008

Part II) not known yet


Part 1) 17 July, 2008

Part II) not known yet


In Australia on the 23 of July, 2009 and in New Zealand on the 19 November, 2009, it probably will be shown as one movie.


European and US shows will include Part I and II (as one movie). It lasts about two hours and 25 minutes, focusing on the main characters of the story and eliminating peripheral ones (source: That would be a waste for those who wanted to watch both of the films and enjoy the full spectrum of events alas.

So far the movie is already shown in Latvia, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium, France, Greece, Lithuania, Norway, UK, Czech Republic, Poland and Turkey as the says. It has already managed to get $161,545 in five days since it was shown on March 25 inFrance. Before the premier in France John Woo promoted the movie on different TV stations and in magazines and somewhere about 27,500 people watched the most expensive Asian-financed movie to date on its first day in France.


The Schedule for Europe (as one part combined of Chi bi and Chi bi xia: Jue zhan tian xia) is thus:

Latvia – 30 January, 2009

Denmark – 20 February, 2009

Estonia – 20 March, 2009

Belgium – 25 March, 2009

France – 25 March, 2009

Greece – 2 April, 2009

Lithuania – 1 May, 2009

Norway – 22 May, 2009

UK – 12 June, 2009

CzechRepublic – 18 June, 2009

Poland – 3 July, 2009

Turkey – 17 July, 2009

Finland – 29 July, 2009 (DVD premiere)

Russia – 30 July, 2009

Netherlands – 6 August, 2009

Portugal – 24 September, 2009

Italy – 6 November, 2009


Found out from here:

And help came from here:

Official Red Cliff site (Taiwan):

Official Red Cliff site (Japan):

Official Red Cliff site (France):

[Укитакэ] Ватари-сан -

Национальный кино-портал Chi Bi (2008): Red Cliff: Part II (2009):



Red Cliff map (satellite):

About the casualties that took place during the filming:

About the US shows and rights:

News about French premier:

Red Cliff for Europe:

To buy Red Cliff on ebay:

Japanese premier of the Red Cliff:

Red Cliff article scans:

Red Cliff II special Offer:

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Total comments: 4
I assume you'll get it the same time as Russia?

I'm still waiting. FALL IS SO FAR AWAY!! O__O Back in the day when Titanic was released, a few of my female classmates saw the movie so many times I lost count. And their reason? Leonardo DiCaprio.

For Red Cliff, I have multiple reasons to want to see it more than once at the theatres.

I guess I will go to Russia to watch it biggrin biggrin
'cuz we do not have it in Ukraine so far((((

Walking, running, jogging, driving, or flying over? Or, taking the train?

guess all of them))) biggrin

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